Dear Friend,

I’m going to share with you a secret that took me over 7 years to fully understand.

It is one of the most best-kept secrets that the personal development industry does not want you to know about.

The secret I’m about to share has to do with creating a life full of abundance and happiness. This is unlike anything you’ve read, seen or heard about before.

Are you ready?

Be honest with yourself…

Are you sick and tired of working for a boss and making someone else’s dreams comes true, instead of your own?

When you were a kid, did you have big dreams for your future, that just haven’t panned out?

Do you struggle to make ends meet, and do you have too much month at the end of your money?

Do you have a hard time meeting your goals, because by the time you get home after another exhausting day at work, you just don’t have the energy anymore?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is vital that you read this letter until the very end.

Because I’m about to REVEAL a secret technique that will propel
you almost EFFORTLESSLY towards a life of true wealth

Just so you know, you are not alone!

47,547 of ordinary people, like you and me, had these exact same feelings of being stuck, lost, or unhappy.

As a matter of fact, I was there once, too.

I have felt the exact same way just a few short years ago.

It was the technique I’m about to show you that finally helped all of us turn things around, and propelled us to achieve goals never thought possible.

My name is Steve.

And I’d like to share with you a story of how I went from almost losing my house, wife, and family... I went from almost losing MYSELF... the fulfilled, happy, and abundant life I live today, in a matter of weeks…

One Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 630.

I couldn’t get myself out of bed.

It was a grey and rainy day - you know, one of those days you just know the sun will not show its face all day long.

I hit the snooze button, asked my wife to get the kids ready, and turned around to get more sleep. I just wanted to stay in bed all day.

After the 3rd time snoozing, my wife came upstairs to drag me out of bed. When I finally did get up, I burst out in tears.

For the first time in my life, I started sobbing on my wife's shoulder.

I felt totally vulnerable and weak but I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face, no matter how hard I tried.

When I finally calmed down, my wife looked at me in disbelief and asked ‘what’s the matter, honey?’

Everything was wrong!

I had been working a dead-end job for years, unable to quit. I couldn’t even work less because we didn’t have that kind of money.

Sure, I had goals in life once, but most of them I had given up on when we became parents. The others I dropped halfway because I just didn’t have the energy to see them through. I didn’t have many friends whom I had a deep bond with - no meaningful connections, no support system.

And my love life, well… Let’s just say we didn’t really have much time for intimacy with the kids around.

Each morning after waking up, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw only a shim of what I once thought I could be. I was living a mere fraction of the life I thought I’d have.

I saw someone who was tired, someone who had
settled for mediocrity

The person looking back at me from the mirror was a loser. Not a winner.

I felt useless, unaccomplished, and angry. I couldn’t wake up like that anymore. I couldn’t stand myself like this. I didn’t want to live a mundane life, where every day felt the same.

I wanted to wake up in the morning by jumping out of bed.

I wanted to feel happy....

...To have a promising and well-paid career, a loving partner and family, and the drive and energy to set goals and crush them.

Simply, I wanted to tap into my true and full potential, and move towards fulfilling my purpose every day.

Today, I am living that life.

A life free of worry and anxiety. A life filled with confidence to succeed. A life I’m proud of.

Today I have more money than I can spend, I am free of debt, and have plenty of savings. The relationship with my wife is flooded with love and intimacy - it’s like we fell in love all over again.

My business is thriving, and I’m making more money than I ever did working for someone else.

How, you ask?

We’ll get to that in a bit. First, make sure you get ready.

Because the next few minutes are going to be the beginning
of the rest of your life - an improved version of YOU!


In this letter, you’re about to witness the scientifically proven, and time-tested audio technology that can do exactly the same for you!

Just like it did for me, and 47,547 people worldwide.

You’ll hear EXACTLY what technique I used to turn my life around.

It’s a technique that 95% of the population doesn’t know about, but is secretly changing the lives of those who do.

And it takes just 5 minutes a day.

This little-known audio technology subliminally programs your mind and subconscious, using the power of affirmations and passive listening.

And before you think these are just regular affirmations, let me assure you these affirmations are DIFFERENT. If you have tried affirmations before without the results you expected, I insist you give these a shot because this time it will be different.

You WILL see massive positive changes in your life.

At the end of this video you’ll learn how you, too, can instantly and almost effortlessly transform your life - in just 5 minutes a day, by using this powerful, brand-new audio technology.

But before that, I’m going to take you through a quick 5-minute training session to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER you, so that you get the most out of the technology.

You are willing to invest just 5 minutes a day to completely transform your life, right?

It is extremely important that you understand this before you use this technique in your life, so pay close attention, ok?

So get comfortable. And make sure you read this letter until the end, if you are serious about creating positive change in your life. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime, would you?

The first thing we’re going to do now is get you INSPIRED!

What exactly do you want achieve in your life? Do you want to attract more abundance? Get a raise or promotion at work? Get healthier? Build deeper friendships? Improve your love life? Or maybe you just want to melt away stress, and feel more confident?

The good news is that the power of affirmations and passive listening has been scientifically proven to you give all the things you want to achieve and more.

Even the mainstream media such as started reporting on the stunning effects of using affirmations. That’s why hotshot CEO’s and some of the leading companies in the world use it. So do world-class athletes. And healthcare professionals.


This didn’t really come as a big surprise to me. It just confirms what members of the Affirm-A-Life community have been telling me for the past 3 years.

What amazed me wasn’t only the people who had their stress and anxiety melt away after a hard day in the office, but the vast amount of people who made a 90 degree turn in life within just weeks of listening to the audios regularly.

The feedback was amazing.

After listening to the audios they started eliminating mental chatter and restlessness, nipped self-sabotaging habits in the bud, their mental focus started to improve, and negative thoughts started getting replaced with positive ones.

All of this with ONLY 5 minutes per day.

These are the kind of results most people only get after years of practice. And let’s be honest, how many of us have the time to spend hours a day learning how to improve their lives, right?

It is exactly this minimal time required that makes this audio technology so incredibly powerful!

Introducing The Affirm-A-Life Masterclass -
A Subliminal Autosuggestion Revolutionary Technology
That Helps You:

Imagine for a moment you could live the life of your dreams.

And all you’d have to do is spend 5 minutes every day listening to this powerful audio technology!

By using these audios you’ll experience 7 AMAZING things:


1. You’ll start to experience positive changes in your mood and motivation


Research has shown us again and again that the key to creating new positive habits, is a
positive and optimistic outlook on life. Affirm-A-Life instantly reprograms your mind.

You will feel more confident and optimistic about the future.
You’ll feel grateful for being alive and realize you’re the one and only creator of your future.

You’ll naturally gravitate towards manifesting your positive thoughts.
You’ll have a clear idea of the goals, and feel determined to achieve them.



2. You’ll notice your stress, worry, and anxiety disappear


Studies show that positive affirmations relax your muscles and organs, and de-clutter your mind.
The result is a total mind- and body-rejuvenation, and near-immunity to the stress and pressure of everyday life.

You will immediately notice stress and anxiety melting away - changing the way you act, think, and feel.
You will experience bliss beyond your wildest dreams.


3. You’ll develop a laser-focus


You will feel a laser-focused energy surge throughout your entire body.
This energy will help you accomplish and fulfill whatever goal you set out to achieve.

With an improved mental focus comes a calmer mind. You’ll subconsciously ignore anything that distracts you
from achieving the life you desire, leaving room only for your priorities in life.

Like Steve Jobs once famously said: “the key to having focus is about saying no.”


4. Next, you’ll experience an almost overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation


Knowing you’re on the right track, moving towards your life goals, and living your purpose,
will give you an immense sense of calm. This calmness will be noticeable throughout your entire life
and everyone you meet will respond positively to it.

It will allow you to create more meaningful relationships, deeper connections, and the
loving relationship you know you and your partner deserve.



5. You’ll experience creative growth instantly enhancing your performance at work,
and fulfilling your life at home


After listening to the audios you’ll start getting ideas. Really great ideas. Game-changing ideas.
Ideas that will transform every single aspect of your life - seemingly out of thin air.

These ideas will help you solve any challenges in your life, at work, or in school.
You will come up with brilliant solutions to help you overcome everyday challenges.



6. You’ll love the 6th benefit: eliminate any feelings of doubt and insecurity


Remember those times you didn’t feel ‘enough’? Or when you felt ‘unworthy’?
When you felt insecure, and doubted yourself? No more of that!
Affirm-A-Life’s audio technology will make you
more confident than ever.

And no, not the cocky kind of confident that sets people off.
But that admirable and contagious kind of self-confidence - that makes you shine,
and changes the atmosphere of the room when you walk in.



7. Lastly: magnetic attraction to wealth and success!


You will literally become a wealth and success magnet. You’ll notice doors opening.
Opportunities will naturally gravitate towards you, and you’ll start almost somewhat magically manifesting
wealth and success.

That promotion you’ve been waiting for? Finally yours!
That raise you’ve been passed over for years? Also yours!
That business deal you’ve been hunting for? You finally close!
Financially you’re on track. Career-wise you’re on top!
So long money and business worries!


See here’s the thing: everyone has a unique set of strengths that makes them perfect for their purpose - whether it’s to teach, serve the less fortunate, invent an idea that will change the world, or even just to make people smile.

When you use the power of affirmations, you gain a deeper understanding of what this purpose is, and what it is you need to do in order to fulfill it - without feeling lost, or stuck, or confused.

Now that you’re inspired it’s time for a little education.

Let’s have a look at what goes on in your head when you use the
POWER of Affirmations and Passive Listening


Evidence based research done by Dr. Joseph Dispenza, author of ‘Physics, the Brain and Your Reality’, shows that affirmations, like prayer, actually change the brain on a cellular level.

In other words: what you think about matters - a lot! Neurons connect in your brain by attaching to thoughts and memories. Thoughts then become organized into a pattern. And the more you think about something, the more patterns you will create.

The more you use positive affirmations, the more positive patterns you will create. These positive thoughts will start breaking the long-term relationship with your negative thoughts, literally re-wiring your beliefs. Science calls this neuroplasticity. So that’s the science. (source)

In short: the problem is that most people focus too much on what they DON’T want, and this is why they subconsciously attract negative things into their lives.

Still not convinced? Think about advertising for a moment…


No one really pays attention to it, right? Honestly, when was the last time you really listened to an ad on the radio, read billboard on the highway, or even watched a television ad without being distracted with something else?

But companies spend billions on ads regardless. Why? Because your mind is passively paying attention. Even when you aren’t actively listening, watching, and thinking, your subconscious mind is at work. It’s deciphering all of the signals coming in and forming thoughts and ideas. The ads are subconsciously programming your mind.

Now - it’s time to use the power of passive listening for yourself,
and use it to YOUR advantage


To achieve your goals, to attract more wealth, to release stress and anxiety, and to transform your life!

That’s precisely why I’ve developed Affirm-A-Life. I have used it change my life. 47,547 people worldwide have already used it to change theirs. And today you also have the chance to use this cutting-edge audio technology to finally make that positive, lasting change in your life.

Affirm-A-Life works in 3 very simple steps.

1. Listen to the audios for 5 minutes a day.

Get in the zone by using the Affirm-A-Life audio technology, and start re-sculpting your mindset, mood, and motivation.

2. Manifest the changes you want to see in your life.

Using this new knowledge and attitude will help you easily achieve your optimal state, and attain any goal you set out for yourself.

3. Live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

You will notice that you will almost effortlessly obtain success in your life, and start attracting more abundance, connections, and happiness.

The Affirm-A-Life Masterclass Wealth Accelerator Collection consists of 15 powerful audios that you can listen to anywhere, on any device. Each track is accompanied by a PDF, to enhance the learning experience even more.


Get Started Now For Just A One Time Payment Of $97
ONLY $47

with 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee


Having these audios is like having a MAGIC button
that gives you...

...instant stress relief, enhanced creativity, and laser-sharp focus on demand.

Can you imagine the kind of impact this would have on every aspect of your life? Great! Now let’s have a look at the collection of audios that make up Affirm-A-Life, and how easy it is for you to use them. Shall we begin?

Here’s What You’re Going To Get:

The Wealth Accelerator Collection that you can
Listen to Anywhere and Anytime



The Goal Getter - Achieving Effective Goal Setting

Take full responsibility for your life. Your future is your responsibility and no one else’s. Have clean-cut, specific, intense, emotional, and measurable goals. Program your subconscious to be aware of only the goals that are important to you. Whatever you send the most time thinking of, you naturally gravitate towards. With the Goal Getter Affirmations achieving your goals will be like taking candy from a child.


Achieve Financial Freedom Affirmations - Enjoy a Financially Stable & Secure Future

This audio track will train your mind to acquire the wealth mindset. Change your perspectives and beliefs about money and you’ll transform your life! Unlock the wealthy millionaire inside you and unleash your hidden potential to gain mastery over money.


Health And Wellness Affirmations - Obtain Optimal Health From The Inside Out

This audio track will motivate you to take action and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will inspire you to stay disciplined and focused to reach your ideal health goals. By listening to it consistently, you will achieve a much higher quality of life.


Personal Power Affirmations - Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To

Take total control over your own life and CONSTANTLY receive more than you require. Attract positive individuals and experience into your life. All the things that you want in life will come to you effortlessly and instantly - these personal power affirmations will make you manifest like a millionaire.


Natural Positive Thinker Affirmations - Turn Every Adversity Into An Opportunity

This audio track will help you develop a positive mindset and help you attract everything that you want in life. Become the master of your own mind and overcome any fears or limiting beliefs.


Affirmative Self-Assurance - An Inner Bonding Experience to Love Yourself Unconditionally

This session will guide you through expanding your own inner world and learn how to love yourself unconditionally. You will become more confident and take your gut and certainty to the next level.


Business Success Affirmations - Supercharge Your Marketing & Business Skills

Tap into your hidden realm of wisdom and knowledge to supercharge your marketing and persuasion skills that will open up doors of opportunity and also empower you to make wiser decisions in your career.


DEEP RELAXATION Affirmations - Unwind and Relax your Mind, Body and Soul

You will experience total freedom and rejuvenation after this session and enjoy a renewed sense of tranquility and peace like never before while all your worries and troubles are being washed away.


DEVELOP INCREDIBLE CHARISMA Affirmations - Draw People Towards You With Your Magnetic Personality

Unleash your natural magnetism and draw people towards you with your charm, charisma and confidence. Becoming bewitchingly irresistable and mesmerize anyone and everyone you meet.


ENDLESS ENERGY LEVELS Affirmations - Receive An Endless Supply of Energy, Vitality and Stamina

Never feel tired again - EVER - and feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before. From the moment you wake up in the morning and jump fresh out of bed ready for another exciting day, until the moment you go to bed at night with your amazing life partner - there won’t be enough hours in day to live life!


Explore Habits & Subconscious Affirmations - Change Your Daily Habits, Change Your Life

Reprogram your mind to subconsciously replace bad habits with healthy, and positive habits - habits that will propel you forward instead of keeping you stuck where you are now!


EYES OF CREATION Affirmations - Set your Creativity on Fire by Tapping Into Limitless Inspiration

Come up with game changing ideas out of thin air - as if it were your sixth sense. You will be able to come up with brilliant solutions to your everyday challenges EFFORTLESSLY.


Letting Go of The Past Affirmations - Leave Your Emotional Baggage Behind and Start Living in The Present

Does the past haunt you? And do you let it affect your present moment? It’s ok to hold on to your past, because it got you where you are today - it made you WHO You are today. It’s not ok to let it determine your present moment, or future. With these affirmations you will learn to let go of the past, and see whatever happened in your life as a lesson that’s making you a better, and stronger person today.


Millionaire mindset Affirmations - Reprogram Your Mind to Consistently Draw Wealth From the Rich and Successful

What if I told you I could give you a millionaire mindset. Within just 7 days. Would you take it? Of course you would! This is called the ‘be-do-have’ paradigm. Most people believe that they need to ‘have’ a thing (money), in order to ‘do’ a thing (go on vacation), in order to ‘be’ a thing (happy). In actuality it is the other way around: “havingness” does not produce “beingness” - but the exact other way around. In other to be a millionaire, you need to believe you already are a millionaire. Manifesting wealth will then come automatically!


The Gratitude Miracle Affirmations - Be Grateful of the Present and Attract More Abundance from the Universe

Learn to love, value, and respect yourself with what is probably the single most important exercise for your personal development: expressing gratitude. Gratitude is the basis of happiness, alongside with altruism and generosity - according to buddhist monk and happiness expert Matthieu Ricard. These affirmations will reprogram your mind and make gratefulness your default state of mind - the very foundation of success.

Now that you know what’s in Affirm-A-Life Masterclass Wealth Collection, there’s one important thing you need to know about it.

The entire Affirm-A-Life audio program is specifically designed for busy people like you and me.

Which means that you can listen to all 15 audio tracks every single day.

OR you can use them like a toolkit and pick and choose the ones that serve you best. And remember, these are positive affirmations – not a military boot camp.

So it’s perfectly fine to skip a day or two.

The key to success is commitment and consistency.

So keep doing it at your own pace, and you will get the results you want!

Make Your Mind Work FOR You, Not Against You.
It’s Time To Maximize Your Potential.

Here are some of the benefits you'll reap instantly from each of our sessions:


Before we give you the chance to get your very own copy of Affirm-A-Life, let’s answer an important question you might have right about now…

How much does this cost?

Well here’s the thing...When I was going through what you are going through right now, this technology didn’t exist yet.

I spent hundreds of dollars of my own money on personal development books and programs, attended countless of expensive self-help events and seminars, and bought one after the other audio program - hoping it would help me turn my life around. It didn’t.

So I decided to create my own.

I spent over 3 years - and countless of sleepless nights - developing and perfecting this audio technology that’s about to revolutionize the way you live your life.

And when I noticed the effect it had on my own life, and on, 47,547  other people, I knew I needed to make sure EVERYONE had the chance to try this technology.

And so I did a research to see what other solutions are out there.

I found some amazing programs for $500, but felt this was too expensive. A product like this is supposed to improve your financial situation, not get you further in debt!

I found more audio programs that could be of help, but most of these programs were around $300. Still too much! I want Affirm-A-Life to be accessible to everyone!

And so your investment in Affirm-A-Life isn’t going to be $500, or $300, nor $200, nor even $100.

The entire Affirm-A-Life Wealth Accelerator Masterclass is yours for just $47.

And for that you’re getting 15 life-changing audios that you’ll be using for the rest of your life.

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There’s No Reason To Be Afraid Of Positive Change.
Affirm-A-Life Is A 100% Guaranteed, Risk-Free Program!

But wait, there’s more good news!

Even though Affirm-A-Life has already transformed the lives of 47,547 customers, it’s still a brand new technology, and we want to reward you for being amongst the first people in the world to try it.

So when you order right now on this page, we are giving you 3 incredible bonuses for absolutely free!

Special bonus #1

If you reserve your copy of the Affirm-A-Life, you're going to get our very exclusive motivational mixtape mp3 series as a special bonus.

Get submerged in an immersive 3-5 minute a day mind reprogramming session that will leave you feeling refreshed, motivated and ready for anything in life!

The value of this bonus is $197, but only today you’re getting it for free!

  • 3 Creatives Ways to Raise Your Energy Level
  • Secrets To Instant And Lasting Motivation
  • Visualization is Power

Special bonus #2
Relaxing masterpiece collection


Our Relaxing Masterpieces Collection consists of mp3 audios from master musicians like Mozart & Beethoven. This is the “Secret Weapon” to helping you become laser-focused and calming your mind. It is an extremely effective tool for productivity and stress management.

This bonus is normally worth $297, but if you order right now this bonus is yours completely free of charge.

Special bonus #3
mind mastery series

And my personal favorite -

This series shows you exactly how you can unlock the doors to success to get exactly what you desire, when you apply the right beliefs and techniques. You will need this if you want to go far in life.

The usual price for this series is $197, but you’ll be getting it for free if your order on this page ONLY.

And that’s not all! You don’t have to decide now.

You’re getting an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. Which means you can have full access to the entire audio program for up to 2 months, and if you don’t see the results you want you can simply return them and get a full refund - no questions asked.

It’s 100% risk-free. That’s how sure I am these audios will work for you!



If you’re still reading this now, it means you want this.

You understand how valuable Affirm-A-Life can be for you, and how much you really need it.

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You have seen what the impact that this Affirm-A-Life has had on people.

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If you don’t see any results for yourself, you can simply return the program and the full amount refunded - no questions asked. It’s really a no-brainer.

I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but the way I see it you have 3 simple options.

Your first option is to do nothing. And we all know doing nothing is the worst option. Because, well, if you do nothing, then what’s gonna change, right? Tomorrow will be just a repeat of today. The only thing that’ll be different is that you’ll always be wondering ‘what if’... What if you had just tried?

The second option is to do what I did: do it yourself! Read every personal growth book out there, attend as many events as you like, and suck up as much knowledge as you possibly can! You will definitely see positive changes in your life. But are you really willing to invest that much time, energy, and money into it? Wouldn’t it be much better to pick door number 3, and order Affirm-A-Life?

Order Affirm-A-Life right here, right now. Join our community of 47,547 satisfied customers. Have wonderful, wonderful things happen to you within a matter of days - guaranteed!

So before we end, consider this:

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Embracing your potential,

Founder of Affirm-A-Life Masterclass
Certified Life & Wellness Coach

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